How To Unblock A Number On At&T Cordless Phone

How To Unblock A Number On At&T Cordless Phone. Any calls you got from the number while it. Turning off call blocking won’t delete your list of numbers.

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Under call filtering, select call blocking. Alternatively, you can press the menu button on your phone and then #, dial 217 in your keypad to access the blocked numbers. Add or remove numbers from your blocked list

To Block A Designated Phone Number, Press, Press , Wait For The Dial Tone, And Dial The First Designated Phone Number You Wish To Block, Followed By The.

You may access and edit that block list on the phone, find the number, and remove it from the block list, unblocking the number again. A blocked incoming phone number that needs unblocking. Log into your account via

Select The Menu Button Again.

Press the hash (#) sign followed by the number 217, the program code for blocking unwanted numbers. Once you have found the number, tap on the minus icon located right next to it. It said to just delete the red x and that would do it.

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If it's blocked at the phone we'll need the make and model of phone. In my voicemail & phone features, choose check or manage voicemail & features. A mute sign and “add” option appear.

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If playback doesn't begin shortly. What i get then is just a busy signal. Tapping the minus icon will unblock the number and allow it.

Charge When You Subscribe To At&T Local Service So That 900/976 Calls Cannot Be Made Nor Charged To Your Line.

I went back into my at&t account on line (don't use it enough to know that i did have one) and fussed with it all and actually got to the spot where it showed all the blocked numbers and i could unblock the blocked number i wanted to. Under call filtering, select call blocking. At the dial tone, push *67.

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